Laser Tattoo Removal

About Us

Expert Technician + Optimal Laser = Superior Results

Our Technician

Karista Read, RN

Laser Specialist

Owner, Operator

20 plus years as a nurse in various hospital and home care settings. 

Over 8 years of experience specializing in laser Tattoo removal.

Our goal is to remove every tattoo in as few treatments as possible without causing scar tissue or pigment changes. Client education and patience is key in this process. We believe that the experience of your tattoo removal laser specialist is vital to your outcome. 

Our Laser

At Zapn’Ink Laser Tattoo Removal, we use the most advanced state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser available– the Quanta Q plus C. This actively Q-switched laser is specifically designed to provide impressive tattoo removal results. It can treat the full spectrum of colors and is safe to use on all skin types. This laser is FDA approved for the removal of dermal pigmentation (i.e. tattoo ink) and is the latest medical laser designed to remove unwanted tattoos. We also use an actively Q-switched Ruby laser to treat resistant tattoos and rare colors. The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured. It is the only device on the market to offer 3 true laser wavelengths including the 694nm Ruby to treat the difficult green and blue inks. Patients report minimal discomfort and are amazed by how easily we can remove their tattoo. We can also lighten your tattoo to facilitate a professional cover-up tattoo or revision. Visit our gallery to see before and after pictures.