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laserZapn’Ink Laser Tattoo Removal uses the most advanced state-of-the-art tattoo removal laser available– the Quanta Q plus C.  This actively Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is specifically designed to provide impressive tattoo removal results. It is the only laser in the area that can treat the full spectrum of colors and is safe to use on all skin types.  This laser is FDA approved for the removal of dermal pigmentation (i.e. tattoo ink) and is the latest medical laser designed to remove unwanted tattoos. We also use an actively Q-switched Ruby laser to treat resistant tattoos and rare colors. The Q-Plus Series of tattoo removal devices sets the standard by which all other devices are measured.  It is the only device on the market to offer 3 true laser wavelengths including the 694nm Ruby to treat the difficult green and blue inks. The laser selectively targets the pigment of the tattoo without damaging the surrounding skin.

How exactly does the laser break up the tattoo ink?

Two key processes break up the ink – the pigment in your tattoo will absorb the energy from the laser and shatter apart; also, the incredibly fast pulse (6 billionths of a second!) of energy from the laser has a shockwave-like effect that assists the ink shattering. As a result, the ink acts like sugar cube breaking apart into small granules.

How does the body remove the shattered ink?

Once the ink is broken down by the tattoo removal laser, the body will respond by moving fluid to the area to help flush away the ink. This immune response will be obvious to the patient in the form of some swelling and redness in the area. Over the next days, weeks, and months the small, shattered ink particles will be flushed away naturally. The laser tattoo removal effects aren’t seen overnight and 99% of tattoos require multiple treatments.  Click on the picture at below to see a demonstration.


Why do I need multiple sessions? 

All tattoos have layers of ink, stacked on top of each other within the skin. The thick concentration of pigment particles that cannot be completely broken down in one session. We go over your entire tattoo with the laser, breaking up as much ink as possible in every session. Each session will produce some level of fading, although for very new tattoos the fading may not be as visible because the ink is still so thick and dense. If your tattoo has shading, the shaded areas will vanish in fewer treatments because shaded tattoos have a lower ink density. Laser tattoo removal is a medical procedure that deserves research and careful consideration. We hope this information will help answer your questions and provide information about the procedure as well as visiting our facility. To learn more about Zapn’Ink, how laser tattoo removal works or what it would take for us to remove your tattoo, please call 409-554-2092.