Laser Tattoo Removal

But I Love My Tattoo

July 12, 2023

Tattoos can be and most often are beautiful and amazing pieces of art. If you love your tattoo, keep it and enjoy it. We love them too!

According to a poll conducted in January 2012 by pollster Harris Interactive, 14% of the 21% of American adults who have tattoos regret having them. Although we have always been taught that tattoos will remain for a lifetime, Tattoos do not have to be forever. If you do not love your tattoo, Zapn’Ink Laser Tattoo Removal can help.

An impulsive decision is one of the factors why many people seek to have a tattoo removed. The previous decision of wanting a tattoo has changed gradually over time and the tattoos significance has faded. Other reasons include poor craftsmanship, the name of a former significant other, job seekers want to impress their employers by a clean-look, and ex-convicts or former gang members want a fresh start.