Laser Tattoo Removal

The Fear of Tattoo Removal

July 12, 2023

So you are out having a good time and you decide to be spontaneous and get a tattoo. Some time later, you second guess your decision. We understand how you feel. WebMD estimates that close to 25% of the U.S. Population has some type of tattoo and of those as many as 50% want to have at least one of their tattoos removed. It used to be that the thought of getting a tattoo removed was far more painful than getting the tattoo. We understand that also and are hear to change your thoughts on the subject.

At one time, getting a tattoo removed was far more painful, therefore, causing people to just learn to live with their spontaneous decision. Now things have changed. In recent years, technology has advanced tremendously and the newest tattoo removal lasers can get rid of your tattoo with minimal side effects. At Zapn’ink laser tattoo removal, we use only the best and latest technology so that are clients are not only happy with the outcome, but also comfortable during the procedure. This is where our Zimmer Cryo comes into play.

The Zimmer Cryo is a fantastic addition to the tattoo removal process at Zapn’Ink. It will alleviate your fears and worries that once came with tattoo removal. Getting a tattoo removed takes time and patience as well as several office visits. We don’t want these visit to be one of apprehension or concern. This top notch technology is a skin cooling system designed to assist cosmetic procedures, minimize pain and risk of thermal injuries. The device acts as an anesthetic relief maximizing comfort while minimizing side effects. Most of our clients report the pain of the procedure significantly less than anticipated with the use of the cooling system.

This cooling method is unmatched by any competition. We only have the best for our patients! The Zimmer Cryo is the only cooling method on the market that can be used during a laser procedure and yet does not interfere with the laser efficacy. When using this cooling system, we can prepare the skin by cooling it before the procedure as well as during and after, reducing the pain while decreasing thermal temperature. Our Zimmer Cryo cooling system helps alleviate the discomfort some feel during the procedure and also helps aid the healing process.

We are sure you will not only be pleased with the results and outcome of the procedure, but the process as well. Please call us if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you very soon.